newsTeachers are often looking for different ways to present news stories to students at differing reading levels. Here are three I recommend:

  • Newsela and Newsela Elementary – Newsela publishes high-interest news articles daily at five levels of complexity for grades 3-12. Their goal is to help students develop nonfiction fluency and critical-thinking skills necessary to master the Common Core standards for informational text.
  • News2You – Working closely with the Associated Press (AP), News-2-You® has been connecting students to the world through current events for over 17 years. Each version of the weekly newspaper contains the same concepts related to the central topic, but modifies the presentation or format for differentiated learning.
  • News in Levels – World news written speciically for English languare learners (ELL) providing three levels of difficulty for each story. The goal is for these students to begin to understand rather than to have to translate when they listen.
Where can I find news and current events written at different reading levels?