A teacher recently asked me to recommend online games to help her 6th grade students improve their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The only website I can wholeheartedly recommend for vocabulary improvement in this age group is www.freerice.com.  There are no ads or popups, and as you get words right, it gives you harder questions.  It also has a great charity component — for each right answer, the organization donates 10 grains of rice to help end hunger.

For younger children, PBS Kids has a lot of vocabulary games to offer, but by 6th grade these may not be appealing.

There are three games I would recommend to help middle schoolers with Reading Comprehension:

  • In this Map Routes & Directions Game, students must follow instructions in the correct order to complete different challenges.
  • In this Poetry Game, students read verses of poetry and then answer questions directed at comprehension, parts of speech, and poetry techniques like metaphors and alliteration.
  • In these Reading Comprehension Quizzes, students read passages of text and then answer multiple choice questions.
Can you recommend any online games to help students improve vocabulary & reading comphrension?