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Ph.D. in Developmental and Educational Psychology — Boston College, 1999

  • Comprehensive Examination: Passed with Distinction, 1995
  • Areas of Focus: Assessment for Learning, Educational Reform Issues, Teacher-Researcher Relationships, College Student Development, Cognitive Development, Self-Regulation, Feedback, and Motivation. Examinations of culture, race, gender, class within these topics.
  • Dissertation Title: Learner-centeredness in middle school, inclusion classrooms: Perceptions of teachers and their students.
  • Committee Members: Penny Hauser-Cram, Ed.D., Peter Airasian, Ph.D., Jean Mooney, Ed.D.
  • Outside Advisor: Barbara McCombs. Ph.D. (Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory)

Master of Arts in Applied Child Development — Tufts University, 1994

  • Thesis Title: Enhancement of a Project Spectrum Based Assessment Tool through the Incorporation of a Process Dimension
  • Committee members: David Feldman Ph.D., Martha Bronson Ed.D., George Scarlett, Ph.D.

Bachelor of Science in Education — Lesley College, 1974

  • Magna Cum Laude
  • Major in Elementary Education, grades K-8
  • Minor in Teacher of Emotionally Disturbed


  • Orton-Gillingham Technique: Therapist for Specific Reading Disability
  • Elementary (K-8)
  • Middle School (5-9)
  • Severe Behavioral Disorders
  • Special Needs (PreK-9)