The success of administration is built on the team that moves forward while making positive improvement and showing growth. To have Dr. Ilda King on your team is a guarantee that goals will be met and that a strong pool of knowledge and training will be shared with the team. I have had the good fortune to have been a part of such a team. As Principal of the Elmwood Street School in Millbury, Massachusetts, the reading program launched by Dr. Ilda King put hundreds of children on the path to life-long learning through the success of reading. I offer my recommendation to the continued work of Dr. King.
    — Carole Chiras, Former Principal, Elmwood Elementary School, Millbury, MA

Ilda King is the most knowledgeable professional in the area of literacy education I have  encountered in my twenty five years of teaching.  Not only does she have an incredibly comprehensive understanding of teaching reading, but she knows how to impart it in a manner that makes it possible for teachers to incorporate it into their instruction the next day. As a diagnostician, Ilda looks at the whole child, in the real life setting of the classroom, and makes recommendations that are specific to that child’s needs that can be followed by special educators and classroom teachers alike.  Ilda’s expertise covers the gamut from a thorough understanding of current research and assessment, to an extensive familiarity with instructional materials. Her pleasant and flexible demeanor has made her a pleasure to work with  for years.
— Lisa Besen, Special Education Teacher, Andover, MA

I am extremely grateful for all Ilda has taught me. She has brought so much clarity to my instructional and diagnostic focus. Her trainings have brought my role as a reading specialist to a new level.
— Janice Torvi, Reading Specialist, Blackstone-Millville Public Schools

I have worked with Dr. King in two districts and have seen her unique strengths work to improve both districts.  Her knowledge about reading, classrooms, special education, assessment, and teaching techniques are exceptional. Watching Dr. King model a teaching technique in a classroom or model an individual assessment has provided the teachers with a deep understanding about how theories can be operationalized into practice. In the years that I have worked with Ilda, she has provided workshops for administrators as we planned to improve reading or special education services through RTI.  She has helped us train literacy coaches, Title I teachers, and special education teachers in the uses of assessments and the development of tiers of support for K-5 students in literacy.  She has used a specific case study to demonstrate how to use multiple assessments in diagnosis and what to look for to make sure the interventions were appropriate and effective. As districts work to help all students become successful, Dr. King’s work with us as a consultant and a presenter have been invaluable to help us assess our programs and develop further.
— Dr. Deborah Brady, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, North Middlesex Regional District, Townsend, MA

Ilda’s depth of knowledge in the area of reading and her ability to share that knowledge in a variety of formats such as consultation, lecture format, and modeling classroom lessons for teachers is invaluable.  She remains current and is able to diagnose a school system’s delivery of reading from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
–Veron Allalemdjian, Assistant Principal/Special Education Team Chairperson, Hobomock Elementary School, Pembroke Public Schools, Pembroke, MA

Dr. Ilda King is truly passionate about her work and this was evident the moment I met her. The amount of energy and knowledge that she brings to trainings is extraordinary. As a teacher, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by her approach to enhance student learning. From Ilda, I have been fortunate to be able to learn teaching techniques and programs that benefit my Special Needs students. Also, I have been provided tools and personalized training on assessing students’ reading levels. She is in the process of reshaping our program and is able to give feedback and insight that are very much needed in order for our program to grow in the right direction.
–Katie Cooper, Special Education Teacher at Masconomet Regional High School

I’d like to say again how much I enjoyed the course with you this summer.  I love your presentation style and walked away with so much invaluable information!  Many, many thanks.
–Regina Bertolaccini

I just finished my 27th year of teaching special education and I have never been more impressed or learned more in any workshop in all of those years.  I always knew about each piece individually but you showed how to incorporate them effectively, something I was very interested in.  You also made us truly understand what Balanced Literacy should look like.  I don’t know where you get your energy but you are a true inspiration and I look forward to implementing what I learned over the past 3 days.
–Carole Gallo

Your three day workshop last summer on Diagnostic-Prescriptive Techniques for Reading has helped me so much this year.  My students are ALL moving from pull out reading to be in the regular education room come March!  I will be going into the classroom to support them in there.  They are doing so well and I give you all the credit!  I can’t thank you enough.  I read your binder every day!
— Laura Casey, Special Education Elementary Teacher at Dracut Public Schools

Ilda is one remarkable woman! The workshop was very timely in that we needed to be refreshed and updated about guided reading. She did much more than the Compare/Contrast title indicated. Also, Standard 6 in NAEYC has to do with professional development so this workshop should fulfill one of the criteria related to curriculum in that standard. She has an incredible knowledge base and is expert at sharing that.  
–Beverly Kirton, Kindergarten Coordinator at Ashland Public Schools

I want to sincerely thank you for sharing such a powerful method for note taking. This method is practical and applicable to so many learning opportunities in the classroom. Because of the clear and systematic approach, students have learned how to take complete, yet concise notes and have become much more proficient at locating relevant information related to the topic and subtopic. A struggle so many students encounter is how to write information in their own words. Since using this method, I have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of their writing.
–Suzi Corkhum, Fourth Grade Teacher at Deer Hill School in Cohasset, MA

As a guest presenter in my undergraduate courses [at Boston College] you have offered deep insights about the field of child/adolescent learning, testing, and schooling and education for children/youth with learning disabilities and special needs… As a presenter you are able to intertwine classic interpretations of theory with “this is what happened in the classroom today” anecdotes that truly makes both domains come to life. You inspire both interest in the field and possible future visions of how to serve the field.
–Tracey Hurd, PhD, Instructor at Boston College read more from this letter